STUDENT SERIES: what’s in my bag?

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Today’s Student Series post is a ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post. First of all, I’d invest in a good bag for university. A backpack would be preferable. You’re going to be lugging around heavy books and laptops pretty much 5 days a week so it only makes sense to have something that will protect your shoulders and back. I tend to have problems with my shoulders, most likely from hunching over a laptop to type and books to study (I’ve invested in a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse which is a lot better as my screen is now at eye level when I type) so the second I carry a heavy bag on one shoulder, I seize up. Not good! Everytime I used a backpack I noticed a difference for the better!

Despite that though, this post doesn’t feature a backpack at all, ahaha! Clearly, I just haven’t learnt yet. The bag I’m using, however, is strong and holds all my books and bits if I want something a little stylish to go from day to night. Let me talk you through what I carry around campus on busy uni days then.

  1. Yellow bag: I have tried to find a link to this bag but the make inside (J+D Paris) is coming up with no search results. I got this bag for my birthday a couple of years ago in a little boutique back home. I love it, and it serves me well. It has lots of pockets and zip compartments for valuable or loose items which usually get lost in the bottom of a bag!
  2. Snacks: always a priority. The YoYo Bear snack you can see are so yummy. I got them in Waitrose and they’re all natural fruit juice rolls, so yummy. Sometimes my timetable means I’ve got 4 hours of classes without a break longer than 10 minutes so I try to always keep something on the go to avoid embarassing lecture tummy rumbles!
  3. A bag: I am so bad for getting resuable bags but this little tote is great for if I pop to the shops on the way home or end up with too many books to carry in the one bag.
  4. Umbrella: I live in Scotland. Come on!
  5. Purse: Oh, my pretty yellow purse! Scott got me this for my Christmas from John Lewis, I believe. I love it so much! It’s big enough for everything I need without weighing a tonne. Don’t forget things like your student card aren’t just for use in uni, you can get great discounts it the most random of places. Always ask! 
  6. Phone and headphones: I find always having headphones is handy. Sometimes my lab sessions require them and I know I like mine and they work, sometimes I just want to listen to music or a podcast on the walk home, sometimes I just want to hide in the corner of the library and catch up on the Bake Off because I can’t handle any more articles. (True story!)
  7. Glasses: for the days when I’m too sleepy for effort and lenses or have a long day in the library essay writing.
  8. Pens: need I say anything more?
  9. Mini pamper bag: I say pamper but it hardly is! I just keep things that I forget or loose usually. Vaseline, a mini mirror, lipcloss, hair bobbles, plasters, hand cream, mints a mini perfume and other bits that come in handy. I keep my sunglasses in here too so they don’t get crushed.
  10. Book: although more often than not there will be reading to do for lectures or tutorials, I like to have my book with me too for inbetween studying. My Mum once told me always to have a book with me. You can do anything on your own if you just have a book to keep you occupied in between. 
  11. Diary: another gift from Scott… he’s so good 🙂 I like having a page-a-day diary so I can write my work shifts, coursework deadlines, lecture times and places, when and where I’m meeting friends, shopping lists and when blog posts are going live. Admittedly, last term, I didn’t use my diary as much as I used to and still managed to figure out timings but I do think it’s handy to always have one.
  12. Notebooks: I generally only take the notebooks I need for that day but always bear in mind what essays and readings you have. Did you start planning in another notebook and want to make a start? Plan ahead if you’re accommodation isn’t right on the doorstep! I wrote a lot more about my stationery here the other day for Student Series. 

And that is my bag! Hope you enjoyed having a look, you nosey folk. Just kidding, there always entertain me too 😉

Kath xx


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