STUDENT SERIES: love where you are

Let’s have a virtual conversation right now.

Kath: So, where did you choose to study?’

You: [insert choice of school/college/university]

Kath: Oh, great. How come you chose there?

You: [insert list of things you liked]

Kath: Awesome! Sounds really cool. I bet you can’t wait to get exploring, right?

That was fun. Now on with the post, hehe! My answers? Well, I chose the University of Glasgow because… it’s a big city, so different from where I grew up, the people are some of the friendliest you’ll meet, the West End where the uni is based is buzzing with shops and cafes and bars that make student life great fun, the architecture and public areas are beautiful and so on.2^^From left to right: Alex on Buchanan Street enjoying buskers; behind the glasshouses in the Botanic Gardens; giving Dad a tour of my campus; walking through Kelvingrove with friends; the Tallship at the Riverside Transport Museum; finding fun places to eat on Byres Road with Scott.^^

Admittedly, I made my choice on a very simplified version of all those reasons. Big city, yes, that appealed. Friendliest people? So I’d heard. West End atmosphere? Based on one or two days wandering around daunted by the prospect of university life in less than a years time, sure, it seemed fun! Architecture and public areas? The few I’d seen looked kind of nice but I definitely didn’t pay full attention to it amidst introductory lectures and campus tours. However, I did still have some idea of all these things, part of me felt like this was the right study, the place I wanted to live and study and grow and find a base. Now, I’ve lived here only a year, but all those reasons and firm in my mind as the reasons I love living here and can imagine staying for a long, long time.

Don’t forget the reasons you chose that university. Maybe you did base it mainly on the university itself and it’s rating for your course. Maybe it’s a campus university so during the day, you have a smaller area to appreciate than spread colleges. Maybe you hate the outdoors and would rather stay in the library, head home and chill at your flat. Whatever appeals to you, just make the most of it. For me, coming to university was for more than a degree, it was for a new experience, to establish some roots for myself and my future, to learn about myself and the place I live. I definitely feel like I’ve been pretty successful in doing that for myself.1^^From left to right: wandering through Hyndland; at the Riverside Transport Museum with Scott; at the glasshouses in the Botanics studying; House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park; a short train ride to Troon for a beach day with Alex; the skate park in Kelvingrove.^^

If you’re a follower on the blog, you’ll know so many of my recent posts have been based around showing my family the city and visiting new places with them myself, endless visits to the Botanic Gardens, exploring Kelvingrove Park, wandering around my campus and finding new areas of Glasgow to live and work in. It’s been so much fun! And one of the highlights of the past year for me has been learning about this beautiful city and all it has to offer. And I haven’t even scraped the surface yet! I truly love life here and I love sharing it with you, and if I could give one bit of advice for your student experience (based on the little experience I’ve actually had!) it’d be GET OUT THERE. Explore, learn, feel, love and live the whole experience. It only happens once.

I’m a firm believer in appreciating the tiny details in life (if you struggle to do this or have never approached things that way, watch the film About Time. It might just give you a new perspective on things) and learning about, what I now class to be, home has allowed me to do that in so many ways.

So get out there, take a book or a camera or some music and wander aimlessly for the day, stopping for food and tea and fresh air. It might surprise you when you see just where you’re really living.

Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “STUDENT SERIES: love where you are

  1. Hehe, your virtual conversation is so cute! Glasgow sounds like a really cute place. I’m a few years our of university, but I really loved my school. It was in a hippie beach town, but the university was up on the hill in a redwood forest. I originally wanted to get as far away from home as possible (I applied to school in Canada, even!) and yet eventually decided that the best school for me was just an hour away from where I grew up, haha. It’s definitely important to weigh all the factors!


    • Back in high school when the idea of university started becoming a reality I thought I’d be going to Edinburgh so I was close to home but as I started really looking, I realised how much I wanted to be somewhere completely unfamiliar so i could make it kind of my own city! It’s funny how everyone has such different deciding factors! x

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