My Little Room Tour #2: Getting Ready


^^Wardrobe and pictures above mirror: IKEA   Drawers: B&Q   Card on mirror: Paperchase (thanks, sis!)^^

Hello, again! I’m back with the second part of my little bedroom tour. Today, I’m sharing my wardrobe and drawers and the space I use most to get ready each day. I kept all the furniture simple with the while so it always feels fresh, light and clean. This area is finished with the exception of the mirror which I’m going to paint. I am, however, kind of getting used to the silver!

After a year of squeezing everything in to a little room in halls, I got so sick of clutter and dust and knew I wanted this area to be far simpler. I have kept minimal items out and only things that work aesthetically and have organised everything in to my drawers to prevent things getting dusty and dirty. Here’s everything more up close and some tips on organising your drawers and wardrobe area.

DSC_0156^^Lamp: Habitat   Jars, dishes & birdy: charity shops and gifts   Candle and holder: Yankee Candles   Cotton pad jar: H&M   Protective Mat: Tiger^^   

I only keep my everyday jewellery in that little dish, my locket and other everyday necklace, a charm bracelet from when I was little and a selection of rings I wear stacked up. I also like having my make up brushes always out and on hand rather than having to pull them in and out drawers. The clear glass is face brushes (foundation, blush, eyebrows, bronzer) and the yellow jar is eye brushes and mascaras. Again, this is just easiest for everyday and I always know where they are! The large jar from H&M is so handy and I decided to put cotton wool pads in there as I tend to use them on a daily basis for patting off brushes, wiping smudges on my make up or mopping up contact lense solution spills!

I love my photo of Grandma and Papa. They gave that to me for the 16th birthday and it’s so lovely! The bird on that frame was a gift from one of the lovely ladies I work with. She’s amazing and I love seeing the ‘follow your dreams’ every morning. The candle also was a gift from Hayley in my box of yellow things for my birthday. I picked up the little yellow jar for it in House of Fraser in the Yankee Candle section. I expect I’ll replace the candle when the other burns out, I love working my way through all the scents! DSC_0159My top drawer is mainly make up and beauty related stuff. I store it in Glossy Box lids painted black organised in to face, eyes and lips to keep things seperated. I actually got this idea from YouTube Anna Saccone who mentioned in a video she use Glossy Boxes to store her daughters bows and it seemed a good idea when I was about to throw them all away. In between I have face wash and a cloth for brush cleaning and then just moisturizer, deodorant, hairbrush (have you guys used Tangle Teezers? They are a lifesaver if you have curly, knotty, crazy hair like mine!), cotton sticks, my nail kit, straightners and other general bits I use everyday or for when I’m getting ready. Again, I have a jar which holds the lipglosses I use regularly. I need to organise that section a bit, all the lipsticks have fallen in to a heap!
DSC_0160The middle two drawers of my chest are PJs which are a bit boring and underwear which I’d rather not put on the internet, haha! I have some really cool drawer dividers in yellow from IKEA that I seperate tights, underwear, socks and so on with. Here is the link. It is the nicest fabric and a great mix of sizes so is handy for a range from pop socks to thick winter tights.

The bottom drawer above is a kind of mix of random stuff, as you can see! I expect I’ll eventually reorganise all of this but for now I rarely use the bits in here so it does the job. The black dividers are again from IKEA and are handy for keeping things seperate. I use the deep square dividers for nail polishes and mini bottles. Since I rarely use nail polish, it doesn’t bother me to have them all piled in there. Whenever I need them I just empty them out and pick my favourites. The mini bottles are bits from gift sets. I usually go to these when I’m visiting Scott for the night or popping home only for a day or two. I’m currently using a gift set from Scott’s family. It includes a shampoo, body wash and body butter all from Scottish Fine Soaps. They smell so much like the L’Occitane products I ran out of not long before I got this, so lovely! My jewellery is pretty shoddily organised (or not organised!) and that’s definitely the thing I need to sort out!DSC_0171 DSC_0175 DSC_0176love the way my wardrobe is set out! Mum and I chose all the inserts when we picked up all the furniture for the flat. I chose the wire basket kind of reluctantly under Mum’s persuasion but, once again, she was right and they’ve been really useful. I actually lay a cardboard box under the second drawer to stop my jumpers getting caught on the wire and handbag straps falling through. The top drawers is just tees and trousers and above that I have a shelf for shoes. The cycle bag at the back is actually a big shopping bag from dotcomgiftshop that I use as a laundy basket. It keeps it out the way and saves another thing cluttering up my room! The coat hangers are all from Primark. THEY ARE BRILLIANT. They’re super skinny so you can fit loads in your wardrobe but are also non-slip so I don’t need to worry about things falling off like they use to do. They have loads of different colours too so it feels really pretty in your wardrobe! I would totally recommend these over plastic or wooden hangers as they’re just so practical, inexpensive and stronger than you’d think!

I hope you took some useful tips from this space and if you have any suggestions of storage solutions, I would love to hear!

Kath xxx

One thought on “My Little Room Tour #2: Getting Ready

  1. So I’m going back and reading some of your old posts, and I am blown away by how organized you are! Seriously, maintaining an organized beauty table and shelves is the bane of my existence. I should learn to take a cue from you!


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