My Little Room Tour #1: Rest & Relaxation

DSC_0149Hey, guys! Today I wanted to share with you a little peek in to my bedroom! The new flat has really come together with all the work we’ve been doing over summer and I finally feel happy with my little room. The girls move in in a couple of weeks now and I can’t wait to see how they style their rooms too. We all have such different tastes, I think it’s going to be really cool to see the differences.

I’m going to do this post in 3 parts, 2 of which are ready to go, one of which I haven’t even finished yet. That would be my desk area. Although all my photo frames are in place, I’ve yet to even fill them and want to take my time selecting my favourite photos and finding the loveliest prints. I will of course share that bit as soon as it’s ready though. It’s my first ever gallery wall and I can’t wait to see the finished results- I love it loads already!

Today I’m sharing with you my bed area. As my room is quite little, I knew I wanted to keep the walls neutral and then accessorize with lots of colourful soft furnishings. I’m so lucky that my room is really light all day long, particularly in the late afternoon/early evenings when the sun shine right it. The whole flat is bright and airy and it feels so fresh because of it. That’s always been something I’ve really wanted in a home so I got lucky with this one as my first!

The whole decorating experience has been such a learning curve. In my head, I wanted white and black with pops of yellow, turquoise and coral. The coral part went out the window for the most part. The yellow kind of overpowered the turquoise for a while too. I went a bit overboard with the B&W. I was too nervous to think about the gallery wall that the frames were in a wardrobe for months, hence the emptiness! I’ve been to IKEA and Tiger what feels like a million times to get bits I didn’t really I needed or just forgot to find the time previously. It has, however, been so much fun! Some of my favourite blogs (A Beautiful Mess, Love Taza, Skunkboy Creatures, Smile and Wave) talk about home projects and have really inspired this whole process for me, making it far more enjoyable. Most of all, it has been my Mum’s first hand experience and advice that has made it perfect! She’s so good at DIY and knows from her homes what does and doesn’t work and has helped me make decisions as well as let me learn from my mistakes myself. So thanks, Mamma, you’re the best ❤

So, on with the tour!!!
DSC_0125^^Duvet set, Ridderliig (my soft toy!) and largest cushion insertsIKEA^^

I built up my collection of cushions with a mix of old and new. The sequined cushion and the silvery grey rectangle cushion I’ve had since we last decorated my room at home. As a moving out of home present, my super clever big sis made me the zig zag cushion! We looked at fabrics together then she stitched away.The turquoise cushion and the black and white cushion at the back, plus the yellow geometric print cushion you can see below were all H&M as I was planning my room decor back in halls. The final one at the front with the orange bobbles was from Paperchase and was my extra nice, most favourite, spent a little to much on it cushion! It was essential to complete the look, of course 😉 It is very much inspired my A Beautiful Mess who I mentioned earlier.

I bought the duvet last month as an alternative to my yellow one I’ve had for the past year. I wanted a couple so I could mix and match, and also because I was thinking of the practicality of not having a dryer for sheets now! I had seen it ages ago but kept holding off so I could see how my room was coming together before I made a final decision. When I first put it on, I really wasn’t sure. It felt to dark, didn’t look right with the other B&W cushions and just wasn’t what I envisioned. However, I kept it on for a few days to see if I could figure it out and, once again with Mum’s help in cushion arranging, realised it could work and did work. I now love it and love that I have a option that is a bit edgier and cool, and also the yellow which is softer and warmer!DSC_0141Now, let me explain about Riderliig. I love him! And unlike you may expect, he is not some childhood toy I’ve had since I was a toddler and have never been able to seperate with. No. We bought him this year. I know, I know, it seems silly, but I’ve grown quite attached to this cute little rat all my friends and family insist is creepy! Mum and I were in IKEA a while back and she saw him and thought he was adorable. She got him and as soon as we got home decided he looked a little silly sat on the arm chair in the kitchen. I disagreed so brought him back to Glasgow with me. I just think he is adorable! Everytime I got in to IKEA now I can’t resist not looking in the kids section as they have a range of similar soft toys obviously from the same range. Last time we went in, they had the most beautiful painting of Riderliig battling the dragon in the tree to save the Sugar Plum Fairy. I told Scott that night and suddenly felt so disappointed that I didn’t get it! I requested that Mum pick me one up if they’re still there next time she’s in! What do you guys think? Cute or crazy?! I’m just gonna stick with the cute…!DSC_0122^^Bedside table and turquoise tumblers: Habitat   Water bottle: Oliver Bonas^^

One of my other favourite things I bought for my room is still my beautiful bedside table from Habitat. I love it so much! I hadn’t really heard of the store before I started planning decor and can’t remember how I came across it but I’m so glad I did. It’s not the only item I bought from there but I’ll share that later. My bottle was a birthday gift from Scott. I spotted it in Oliver Bonas (such a great shop!) and asked for that as my present. I got matching glasses again from Habitat. It’s a lovely wee set to have by my bed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. The second part of my little room will be my wardrobe and chest of drawers, including my tips on storage!

Thank you as always for reading, I so appreciate it!

Kath xxx

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