Home Again

I think I’m the kind of person who can make a home wherever I go. As long as I have people I love around me and my most treasured possessions, I can make a house (or room!) a home and love living there. I did that with halls last year and for a long time confused everybody with my referring to my student room in Glasgow and where my family are in the Borders as home. Once I threw in the new flat, it really complicated matters!

Last weekend, I went to visit Hayley for her birthday. She lives in the Borders too, about an hour or so from my wee town. We spent the days drinking Pimms and Prosecco, watching movies, chatting about everything and anything and took a bit of a road trip! It was nice to be back in the countryside with the rolling hills, pretty towns and peacefulness. My heart is definitely in both Glasgow and the Borders, I like to think that even in the future I’ll have links to both.

As it was a birthday visit, I finally got to give Hayls the present I’d been planning for ages. I gave her a box of ‘Back to Uni’ goodies and then gave her a card… which contained two tickets to see Wicked when it comes to Edinburgh in November. She was surprised! I saw it in London a few years back but it’ll be her first time so we cannot wait. Roll on winter time!

Here are some of my favourite snaps from our weekend!
DSC_0067 DSC_0087^^We pretended we were under 10 years old just to get on the zipwire… it was so fun! This was at Floors Castle in Kelso. We debated going to look around the castle inside too but changed our minds as we had loads of other bits we wanted to see throughout the day also. We also played on the obstacle course challenge and the swings which was so fun!^^
DSC_0099 DSC_0103^^The walled gardens at Floors Castle are beautiful. All the bumble bees were out! It is one of those places that is just so peaceful, you know you could go there any time and just unwind for a few hours. We also went in the gift shop/garden center which had so much lovely stuff! I ended up buying a new laundry bag which is actually just a reusable food bag but does the job just fine. Here it is on dotcomgiftshop.^^DSC_0126 DSC_0127^^These snaps are from Monteviot House & Gardens. Mum took me here last summer and we had such a wonderful day roaming the beautiful gardens and sat down by the river. I had mentioned it to Hayls but I thought it was closed as it’s someones house so is only open a few months of the year. It was totally by chance that we happened to be visiting a visitors centre down the same road and we noticed it was open! The house is so beautiful (and huge!) as you can see from these pictures.^^DSC_0140 DSC_0143 DSC_0146^^We sat by the river for quite a while. Every time I go down there I just want to go out on a little rowing boat with a picnic, reading and napping on a hot summers afternoon. Sounds like something out of a novel, but there’s no denying it’d be lovely! Hayley and I had been for lunch at the Teviot Smokery (there food is seriously good!) and then spent a good couple of hours berry picking at Border Berries just before this so it was lovely to sit by the water and relax.^^

I don’t know if any of you have ever visited the Scottish Borders but if you’re visiting the UK or Scotland, depending on where you are, it is such a beautiful place. All the little market towns are great to mooch around and, as long as you have a car (or bikes if you’re feeling really adventurous!), it’s easy to get from place to place as we did. We managed a total of 7 Borders attractions: Floor’s Castle, Teviot Smokery, Border Berry picking, Monteviot House and Gardens, Halstane’s activity centre (I can’t find a link so I could be wrong with the name of that one!) and Melrose town.

It was lovely to come back to delicious food, more Pimms and an movie night with my favourite girly after such a busy day. Thanks for a fab time, Hayls!

Kath xxx


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