I’ve decided I’m going to tweak my ‘Song Love’ series to make it a more general ‘TVT Love’. There are a few things I really wanted to share with you at the moment and thought this was a good way to do it! So, today I have: a film, a song, a book and a shop for you guys!

1. FILM LOVE – now, for anyone who reads this post and then scrolls down to read others, you may realise that I spoke about this film (in great lengths!) back in the last ‘Love’ post I did. It is too good not to mention again! About Time has this year become my favourite film of all time. Ever. I love it! I always try to make the most of the little things in life and it tends to be the everyday things, people and experiences that make me happiest. This film completely encapsulates this! It is also so refreshing to watch a film about relationships that don’t crumble or fall apart or involve the dramas you typically see in romance or romcom films. As I said, I spoke more about it here but really recommend this film to everyone and anyone, no matter what your movie tastes! It’s especially great when you are having a bad day/hormonal/over tired/just in a general grump. It lifts that dark cloud instantly and reminds you what is important. The soundtrack is also awesome!

SONG LOVE – I have been loving Bones by Josh Record recently. On the last leg of my journey back from England last month, I wanted something to listen to that wasn’t any of the 15 songs I had had on repeat on my phone for the past 6 hours. I popped on to iTunes and downloaded the Song of the Week on the off chance that it’d be something I’d enjoy. I got lucky.

This song was so perfect for the journey because it has a story. It’s beautiful and I’ve had it on repeat since I first heard it! I need to look in to some of his other music too, I love his voice.

STORY LOVE – Okay, don’t all get angry at once, but up until recently I’d never read the Harry Potter series. I know, I know, shocker! I’d seen all the films many a time and absolutely love them, just never got round to reading the books. Scott’s friend in halls lent him a copy of all her HP audio books and when I was over staying, he had it playing in the background. It is read by Stephen Fry (who I could just listen to all day, no matter what he talks about!) and it is so enjoyable! Each chapter was the perfect length for the walk to work or uni, a train ride home or an evening wander around the block. I try so hard to make time for reading, and I am getting better, but I kind of felt like because I knew (or thought I knew!) the stories so well, I’d find it harder to settle down to read HP. The audio books were the perfect alternative and I miss them now I’ve finished! It’s wonderful how much more information you get from the books which makes the whole world even more magical and exciting than it was to me before!

SHOP LOVE – I’ve spent, what feels like, about 25% of my time in IKEA and other home ware stores in the past couple of months. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not complaining! I love it in fact! I am finally at the point where the flat, especially my bedroom, feels nearly finished and has come together mostly the way I wanted it to. I’ve realised how much of a learning curve decorating and styling a home is. You visualize something and put it together and it sucks, then someone else suggests something you just don’t like the idea of and realise that actually, it’s perfect (thanks, Mum!). I’ve loved the whole experience of it and just want to keep on, taking my time, tweaking this and that. IKEA has been so handy for all the basics for my room, as well as for fun accesories to make my room more me. I love just going there for a day out! Start the trip with meatballs and gravy, wander around the showroom and admire all the perfect settings, grab a cuppa and then go down to the marketplace to get down to business and do some serious damage… (that’s my least favourite bit ;)) But really, for what I am looking for, there stuff is great and at good prices for me as a student. I will eventually share my room and talk about my styling process but want to be 100% happy with it before I do so so bare with me!

So, there are my favourites so far this month! I will try to make this a regular thing, switching up what ‘Loves’ I feature each time. I don’t really want to restrict myself to posts only once a month as I could have loads of amazing things to share one week and then nothing again until the end of the next month. I’ll just take it as it comes and see.

What are your favourite things at the moment? I’d love to know!

Kath xxx

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