Making Hayley’s Chilli

So, my beautiful friend Hayley came round to visit us in halls lots last term and each time not only did she grace us with her company but with her cooking skills too! She is amazing at baking (she was behind my incredible birthday cake here!) and always stocked us up with goodies when she came. One evening, we decided to do Mexican. I was on nacho duty, Hayley on chilli. Now, my Mumma makes a good chilli so I knew I’d enjoy it but ever since we had it, I have made it literally once every fortnight. IT IS SO GOOD! She’s a clever gal. Shortly after that visit, she went to volunteer in Malawi for a month so before she went I made sure to add the recipe to my file. I asked her permission and (so kindly!) said I could share it, WOOH!

So here it is, Hayley’s special chilli. I don’t like my chilli that hot so only add the measurements here and no more, but if you wanted more spice, just adjust the quantities. This makes about 4 or 5 portions and is great served with white rice or tortilla chips. I’m not going to write out the ingredients because it’s all in the snap below (if you have any problems, feel free to comment or email: but I will talk you through the steps with the pictures as I have a few tips and tricks I found handy.DSC_0637DSC_0625 DSC_06321. Prep all your veg first because you don’t want things to be over cooking because you’re chopping up instead. I diced it all. Bare in mind how much time you have for it to simmer too, don’t want huge chunks of carrot if you want to serve it pretty quickly after it’s cooked!

DSC_06352. Fry your onions and garlic on a medium heat until they are soft. You don’t want them to brown so keep an eye out. DSC_06363. Add your diced veg and cook for no longer than 5 mince. Add in the mince and brown that off!
DSC_06404. Season and add the spices to the pan. You want to really cook in those flavours so again, keep it medium heat so it can cook slowly and go all delicious!DSC_0641 5.  Add your tins of kidney beans and tomatoes. Simmer for 15 minutes or so, stirring it well, then have a little taste test! Although I’ve made this chilli loads and usually it’s perfect, one time I had served it up and it was a bit bland. I had obviously mis-measured my spices but by the time I realised it was too late. You really need to taste so you and adjust the seasoning and spices if you want or need to. DSC_0642And now you’re done! Ready to dig in and enjoy. It really is delicious. I’d love to see or hear how you get on so let me know 🙂

Thanks again, Hayls!

Kath xx

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