ROAMING// London Embankment

Hey, there! How are you all doing?!

I mentioned in my last post that I spent the day in London with my Dad last month. I love London and everytime I’m down visting Dad, we try to go up and do something cool. In the past, we’ve seen Wicked, shopped in Camden and been to an incredibly magical exhibition at Kensington Palace. We rode an old fashioned red double decker bus too- ticked that off my bucket list, it was the coolest! This time, Dad planned for us to go to the Design Museum via. a walk along the Embankment to see all the cool sights on the way. THERE WAS SO MUCH GOING ON! Even Dad thought it was better than he expected. There was such a summer buzz and something going on at every stretch. I’m going to share some of my favourite snaps with you (there’s a lot) in roughly the order we saw them. Think of it as a kind of virtual Embankment experience if you will 😉
140726_London_003 DSC_0005 DSC_0016^^^5 minutes in to our walk and we already stopped for 2o minutes! There was a big street festival going on which was so cool. Music was blaring and there were bikers taking turns to do tricks. It was really cool! We also saw a water fountain which I SO had to resist jumping in! It was so hot and I am such a water baby!! I always want to be swimming in rivers or seas or pools or splashing in sprinklers and hoses. Dad used to come prepared with changes of clothes because he knew me and B loved that sort of thing. He didn;t come quite as prepared now I’m 19 ;)^^DSC_0065 140726_London_013 DSC_0049DSC_0040DSC_0041DSC_0103^^This mini pier was just the cutest! The views over London skyline were just stunning. The mix of old and new that comes is such waves makes for something quite beautiful.^^DSC_0076 DSC_0078140726_London_036 DSC_0085^^THE GLOBE. SO BEAUTIFUL AND COOL AND EXCITING! This was my favourite part!!! The sun was shining so beautifully on the building and those flags are just wicked! Dad’s face here is hilarious. He was actually looking for me in the crowd. It was a good 30 seconds before he realised I was stood right there taking pics of him!^^DSC_0106 140726_London_046 DSC_0104 140726_London_075^^There was another market in that top picture. That building was either an old train station or an old dockyard… I can’t remember! Either way, it was so grand and quite breathtaking! We stopped at lunch at Pret A Manger on a little strip near the Prison Museum. It was like a Victorian alley. We kept being reminded of Dickens novels as we went down tiny streets with towering buildings either side. The Design museum was really cool in the end! I must admit, I don’t really ‘get’ art, but I can appreciate it and enjoying looking around so it was fun. We both got some cute bits in the gift shop, including a London card to add to my collection. I gather up old postcards and have started picking postcards up everytime I visit places too. I need to figure out a good way to store them as at the moment there all tucked in a tin. I thought it’d be cool to write a bit about each of them, what do you think?^^

I’d definitely suggest taking  a day to just wander the Embankment if you’re down in London. There was so much to see in summer with all the festivals and events and I know in winter there are markets down there too. The atmostphere  as we walked back at 5ish was buzzing! So bustling and alive, it was amazing.

What are your favourite places in London? Any recommendations for next time I visit?

Kath xxx

Thank you, Dad, for snapping the pics of me and letting me use some of yours in this selection too. You taught me well! 🙂



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