A Story of Years

So, it has been 3 years and 7 months now since Scott and I started going out. We have done many incredible things in that time. We’ve seen different parts of the country together, we’ve taken first flights together, celebrated anniversaries and birthdays of our own, weddings, engagements, births and celebrations of those close to us, we’ve gone to concerts, experienced a special last year of high school as head boy and girl by each others side, gone to university, met new people, learnt new things and so much more. It has been so ridiculously special and I cannot wait to make so many more of these memories.

But there is one things we hadn’t done. One things we spoke about so frequently and planned so regularly but despite all the excitement it just never happened! It got pushed to the back burner while we did all the other stuff. But this year, last month in fact, we finally made it happen. We did what we had been promising each other, talking about, hoping to do for all of our years together so far. Finally we made that step.

And so, on Monday 14th July 2014, Scott and I took the step we needed to take for over 3 and a half years.


Ahahaha, okay, that was over the top. But SERIOUSLY! We had been talking about this trip for so long, maybe even before we started going out and were just shamelessly hinting that we wanted to do stuff together and go on dates! So finally, we took the chance and had a wonderful day at Edinburgh Zoo. Despite the rain, it was awesome! Especially the orangutans. Man, they are cool to watch! Hehehe.

Thanks, Scott, the day was as perfect as I imagined 🙂

Kath xxx

P.S. He’s a keeper… goalie and otherwise!DSCN8195


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