What I’m Wearing: Summer Dress #1

DSC_0261You guys may have seen a little glimpse of this outfit in the last ROAMING post where I spoke about the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow. Although it looks like a summery day, this was actually one of the few sunny spells and we were actually running through rain showers the rest of the time!  

DSC_0282I got this dress in summer last year from a little store called Rainbows which is in the Folly Market in Petersfield. When Scott and I visited England, I wanted to show him around the little town I used to live in. Rainbows was a shop we always used to visit and I found it a treasure trove with its dream catchers, crystals and pretty patterns! When I saw this dress in the sale I just couldn’t resist. It is the most beautiful fabric and it so comfy as well as pretty 🙂

DSC_0249Dress: Genghis Khan (it says on the label?) from Rainbows   Cardigan: Fat Face (borrowed from Mum   Shoes: Primark       Bag: Copper River Bags   Sunglasses: Topshop
DSC_0293 DSC_0258The bag was a Christmas gift from Mum and Chris. I love it! It’s actually a camera bag. It is handmade in America and come with a removable insert for diving up slots for your camera and chargers. I usually put my big camera in one side, then my little one I use for videos in there too. On the other side, I put my phone, purse, keys and so on. There is also a little slot for books or an iPad if you want. It is so handy but looks gorgeous too! If you’d like me to show you what it looks like inside, let me know and I can do a post with more information!

I love this little summery outfit and love even more that here in Scotland, I actually have had multiple opportunities to wear it!!! However, I do miss winter and cannot wait for it to come around. OOPS, I’m gonna get in trouble for that…!

Kath xxx

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