ROAMING: My Glasgow Mini Guide

Hello! Sorry I didn’t stick to my promise of getting back in the blogging swing. I thought I’d have more free time to be doing this but actually, it’s still been a little busy over here. Luckily, it’s all the good kind of busy though, so I have lots to share with you all!

Today, I wanted to do a ‘ROAMING’ post in a slightly different style. My Grandma visited me in Glasgow for the first time a couple of weekends ago. That was her birthday present from Mum and it was so great to have her here, being able to show her the flat and some bits of Glasgow I knew she’d like! My Papa stayed at home and went on a few days out with my Uncle and Auntie so a great weekend was had all round for our family!DSCN8091

We had three days out exploring, one in the rain but the others in the sunshine which was beautiful. I’ll be sharing the days in a couple of separate posts and will do a wee list of links at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!


11am – tea and homemade cupcakes at home. I made these lemon ones by Mary Berry. They were GOOD.

12pm – exploring the University of Glasgow. I showed Grandma the main building as she’d never been, pointing out all the building I had lectures in last year. There was a wedding going on so the cloisters had tables all set up with champagne and the wedding cars were pulled up waiting for the bride and groom!

If you go to the south side of the University, you get the most beautiful view over Glasgow! From the Kelvingrove to the SECC to the Finnieston Crane. It’s so amazing! My friend Matty showed me in winter and as there were no leaves on the trees, you could see everything so clearly. With all the leafy trees, it kind of adds another layer of beauty to it! It’s lovely to just sit and enjoy.

Here’s a little montage of us exploring the university. We were lucky to have such a beautiful day. (Sorry if the quality isn’t coming up great. It looks good until I upload, will try and figure it out!)

1pm– wandering through Ashton Lane and Cresswell Lane. It’s great for gift shops, restaurants and cafes. S’mug, which I spoke about here, is on the the corner of Ashton lane and there is the most adorable independent cinema too.

2pm – Charlie Rocks is great for a big, filling, tasty lunch. It’s an American diner style place but they do a pretty good range of food. They’re also great for lunch deals, set menus and a bit of a bargain. Grandma and I both had caesar salad. Also, their fries? Oh my gosh, just the best ❤

3pm – Ruthven Mews Arcade is a great antique and vintage shopping area just off Byres Road. Me and Scott explored a couple of weeks back and he noticed that one of the antique stores had Picquot Ware teapots. His parents had one but sadly the wood had mostly rotted away. He asked about the price but decided to leave it. When he got home, he found out actually the teapot we saw (which was in pretty good condition!) for £30 are about £130 new! I went back when I was with Grandma and picked one up for them. I even haggled a fiver off 😉

I say it all the time here on the blog and equally in my every day life, but I just love this city. I love exploring it, new places and the same places I’ve already spent afternoons wandering around. To me, it is the perfect city to just be in. Reading a book, walking to work, spending time with family, whatever I’m doing here, the fact I’m doing it in Glasgow just makes it all the more special to me!

Next post to follow which features lunch at the Willow Tea Rooms and an incredible meal and one of my favourite restaurants!

Kath x


Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane

S’mug Cafe, Ashton Lane

Charlie Rocks, Byres Road

Ruthven Mews Arcade, Ruthven Lane 










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