Sunshine in Edinburgh

DSC_0059Hi, guys! Scotland has been graced with beautiful sunshine and high temperatures this week (it’s rare, let me tell you.) I’ve been completely making the most of it, despite working and travelling lots. I actually really love travelling. Since moving to Glasgow, I get to get buses and trains home or to visit my man in Stirling regularly and it’s my favourite when the sun is shining… but that’s another blog post!

I was really missing all my pals since everyone headed home for summer so a few of us got together for a relaxing picnic day in Edinburgh. I brought a selection of food but ended up heading to Pret anyway. We sunbathed (and got pink noses…!), ate ice cream, chatted, giggled and napped. It was, needless to say, a wonderful afternoon!DSC_0014DSC_0031DSC_0029Elsa and I being crazy silly. It feels so strange that I met these guys only 9 months ago now. They’re all already so special to me.

Elsa never fails to amaze me in so many ways! Not only is she crazy talented (see her play piano here and check her singing and playing guitar on YouTube here. PLUS, she can draw and paint so amazingly!) but she has this way of staying calm and rational through every situation. She’s laid back yet still shows so much care and passion no matter what is going on. It makes me both proud and inspired and she is a friend I will hold on to for a very, very long time!

DSC_0090 DSC_0083

Princes Street Gardens were so busy and bustling. All the kids were running around playing imaginary games and tourists were snapping away at the beautiful Edinburgh skyline! I got to use my new picnic blanket for the SECOND TIME (trust me, that’s a lot up here. I bought it on a whim doubting I’d even get to use it once after the cottage holiday… I got lucky.)

It was so good to see Hayls again. I am so happy about the fact she is coming back to Glasgow in September! Last time I blogged about our day together, I wasn’t able to share that because she hadn’t told all our friends but now she has and I can finally share my excitement about it!! HAYLS, I CANNOT WAIT. I can’t wait to have brunches, bake, watch Friends, cook dinner and chat until the early hours with you whenever we want! Miss and love you, girly ❤


We went for a spontaneous Italian dinner in the Grassmarket. It was so warm we were able to sit outside and make the most of the day. Cranny educated us all on the World Cup and enjoyed napping in the sun! We ate pasta, pizza and bruschetta before all heading off home.DSC_0104

DSC_0101Aww, what beauties they are?! Hayls is rocking an awesome tan here… all natural of course. 😉

I had a lovely day with my lovely friends. I can’t wait to see the rest of my gang and especially can’t wait for September when everyone is back in Glasgow. LOVE YOU GUYS ❤

I hope you’re all making the most of this early summer season, sunny or not!

Kath xxx


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