Summer Holiday- Part 2!

Welcome back!

As promised, here is a bit more about my summer holiday down to Yorkshire with my family. You can have a peak at the first post here.

Sunny Explorations

We were lucky enough to have mostly warm and dry days. One of my favourite part of this kind of relaxing trip was having the time to explore in the evenings. After a long day out, it was so nice coming back to a cosy, homely cottage, putting dinner on, having Scott spark up the fire and everyone just enjoy doing their own thing whilst all together. I got a couple of chances to take my camera out in the evening and roam the surrounding fields. (Sorry about my PJs in some of these, hehe!)

DSC_0373 DSC_0389 DSC_0408 DSC_0370 DSC_0385 DSCN7936

Canal Trips

One of the towns near to us was Skipton. It’s a beautiful market town. The first time we went it was market day so it was wonderfully busy and bustling! Scott and I explored the charity shops and market stalls whilst the rest of the gang went to the castle. We both bought a few bits which I’m sure you’ll see featured on the blog 🙂 The second time was more serious shopping. Papa and Scott were very patient with me, Mum and Grandma who just trawled the shops! We had lunch at a tea room and enjoyed mooching around.

I wanted to share with you our canal trip. The first time we went, we saw the canal boats taking groups of people away and we thought it was a fun idea for us! We had to wait a while for a free barge because we were a big group so just enjoyed hot chocolate in the nearby cafe. Skipton is beautiful and the views from the boat were amazing. Here are some snaps.

DSCN7793 DSCN7792 DSCN7830 DSCN7804 DSCN7812 DSCN7800 DSCN7835And that’s it for my holiday snaps! As I said in part 1, it was the ideal holiday for a big family of different ages because there was always something for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip and if you have any questions, I’m around here, on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram.

Kath xxx

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