Summer Holiday- Part 1!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve just returned from my summer holidays with my family. As we are all scattered around the UK, we wanted to get everyone together in one place so my Grandparents went online and found a family friendly cottage on the Lancashire-Yorkshire border. We’ve all met up there before and as my Grandma originally came from Lancashire, it was the perfect location for what we were looking for!

We all drove from our various destinations on a Friday and met at the cottage within an hour of each other. I supplied dinner the first night (which went surprising smoothly considering I was cooking for 9!!) and we all just settled in to our space for the week. It really was in the middle of nowhere. We were at the end of a farm track so there was no one else around, there was no wifi, no shops for about 20 minutes. It was so nice! We spent days in just enjoying the company but it wasn’t a long drive to the local town with shops and cafes. There was a restaurant only 10 minutes away too.

For a group with so many different ages, it was the perfect holiday! Sadly Alex and Chris could only stay for a few days and B and Christina weren’t able to come, but it was lovely nonetheless and I’ll be seeing them soon! I recommend this kind of holiday to anyone who has a big group. It would’ve been equally great for a group of friends to go also. As long as someone has a car to do the food shop, it’s the perfect holiday. We’re all talking about returning at some point!

It ended up a wonderful week filled with games, laughs, walks, good food and sunshine. Here’s some of my favourite things we got up to!


We were lucky enough to have a cottage that was extremely well stocked! The cupboards were filled with various board games, plus we took our own favourites. We also had a games food. It must’ve been the old outbuilding because it had the most beautiful big barn doors which opened onto fields. In there was ping pong, pool and darts- all sources of much entertainment of course 😉


DSC_0376 DSC_0291 DSC_0253

We also had badminton and various other ball games which we played on our BBQ day (more to come on that later!) My Auntie and Uncle treated Alex to a wooden bow and arrow on our day out to the castle which was so much fun! My Auntie also volunteered assist an apple in target practice… hehehe!DSC_0530 DSC_0548 DSC_0456 DSC_0467

The Forbidden Corner

This place is magical! It’s such a fun family day out. We’ve been before and really wanted to go back. Described as ‘the strangest place in the world’, it’s a crazy labyrinth of tunnels and ditches and mazes and so much more that you explore through to find loads of cool treasures. There’s water squirting out, an underground singing mouse show, an (impossible!) maze, beautiful gardens, crazy optical illusion tunnels and so much more. It is honestly one of the funnest days out and the owner is constantly updating it. If you ever do happen to be down that way, it is so worth a drive to see it. Also, if you are there and happen upon some of the hardworking gardeners and maintenance team, ask them a bit about the story. The man who created it is fascinating and it was really cool hearing about how it all started!DSCN7870 DSCN7864

I’ll share some more photos and a bit more about our holiday tomorrow!

Feel free to comment with any questions about the holiday. I’m happy to give tips on what I can 🙂 What are you’re summer plans this year?!

Kath xxx

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