ROAMING: Montgomery’s in Kelvinhaugh

Hi, guys!

So I’m back from a lovely week away with my family. I’ve never felt like I’ve needed a holiday before this year, but with so much going on with exams, work, decorating the new flat and moving in too, I was so grateful to be away in the middle of nowhere with the people I love. It did take me a couple of days to relax, get over my sleepiness and settle in to not having to do anything other that relax and have fun! It was bliss, though I am happy to be back in the city I love now! I missed Glasgow.

I’ll be sharing lots of holiday snaps on here because we went to some great places which I’d love to recommend to anyone who may be holidaying in the Yorkshire/Lancashire area of the UK. It really is beautiful down there! Today, however, I thought I’d share what my Dad and I got up to when he came up to visit at the end of April. It was fun to explore more of Glasgow that I hadn’t known last time he was visiting.

Kelvinhaugh is a beautiful part of Glasgow. Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery (which has been featured on here a couple of times before!) is great and the park is so beautiful. I never realised how vast it was until I walked around it with Dad! We went to Montgomery’s for breakfast. My lovely friend (and future flatmate!) Lydia is cafe queen and introduced me to this a couple of months back and it was convinient for me and Dad to get to. The food was good, the decor was good, the coffee was (according to Dad) good. It was all good! DSC_0045 DSC_0021

^^This is the beautiful decor in Montgomery’s. That shade of blue! SO BEAUTIFUL. ^^^DSC_0030 DSC_0034

^^Dad with coffee and papers, a happy man 🙂 I loved chatting to his over dinner and breakfast and while we explored! He’s so interesting and wise, I miss those long natters when we’re not together.^^DSC_0036 DSC_0037 ^^ GOOD BREAKFAST.  I had the waffles with poached pears. Admittedly, I left all the whipped cream, wasn’t quite ready for that at 10am! Dad had scrambled egg with bacon and toast. Looked so good!^^DSC_0069 DSC_0064

^^This is the skateboard park in Kelvingrove park. It was pretty quite so I ran around and jumped off ledges looking like a bit of a muppet…!^^

^^This took so much time and so many tries to get right, hehehe! Worth it? Sureeee….!^^
DSC_0086^^Whenever I see Dad, we talk photography and he teaches me new things. He gave me some awesome tips on different settings which was so good! It looks like he’s teaching a big crowd here, but it was just me ;)^^

Thank you for an awesome time, Daddy-o! See you in July 🙂 xxx


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