My Everyday Hair and Skin Care Prouducts

Hey, guys! Today I’m sharing with you my favourite basic skin and hair care products. I use these all on a daily basis and find they work well for me! Let me know what you think.


From seeing photos here on the blog, you may know that my hair is pretty wild. It’s thick, curly, knotty, frizzy unless I find the right products… and even then, it’s still a victim of all those things! I used to wash and condition every single day thinking it was the only way my hair could be controlled but recently have realized that is so bad for it and now tend to go 2 or 3 days between washes.

I’ve been using Herbal Essences for a little while now. I could hooked on there ‘It’s a Curl Thing’ range a year or so ago. It was great for keeping my hair controlled and curly! I’m now using ‘Smooth and Soft’. Not only does it control my mane, it also leaves it super soft! 

I tend to brush my hair before bed and before I shower in the morning to keep the knots at bay. I don’t really use products out of the shower to style my hair… I’m basically just lazy when it comes to hair care 😉 Occasionally I use Shockwaves Volume Mousse which is great for keeping my curls. I tend to straighten it for nights out so it looks a little more sleek.

Do you guys have any recommendations of products that works for this hair type? Let me know!


This is pretty much the same face routine I’ve been using for years! I have pretty normal skin, I don’t get oily at all if I stick to this routine but do occasionally feel a little dry. Again, if I stick to this, I don’t get too many problems 🙂

Simple products are great! I don’t have sensitive skin but I like having something unscented that refreshes and clears without feeling like I’m piling more chemicals on to my skin! I use this every morning and evening to freshen up AM and remove my make up PM. I watched YouTuber EssieButton’s skincare routine recently and she spoke about how satisfying it is just to throw a warm flannel on your face and relax- so true! Now this is my favourite part of getting ready for bed in the evening. Is that sad?? Haha!

I use St Ives Apricot Scrub every 2 or 3 days and it just leaves me feeling fresh and soft skinned! After my morning showers, I use Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturiser, in the evening I use Simple Kind to Skin Rich MoisturiserThen just some Cocoa Butter Vaseline on my lips a few times daily and I’m sorted!!

DSC_0009In-Shower Skin

I wanted to get some new products a little while ago because my favourite shower gels and soaps ran out (I was using L’Occitane Shea products. This was a gift set from my mum and I love them. Sadly, my student budget doesn’t quite stretch to this!!) I popped in to Boots and was originally planning to go for some Soap & Glory products because I love the shower gel I’ve tried and have only heard good things. I decided they were a bit pricey and then had a mooch around until I came across the Boots Extracts range. I love all things mango and these products seemed perfect!

I use the shower gel pretty much every day and it’s lasted a fair amount of time. The sugar scrub leaves a sort of oily layer on my skin so I only use it when I fancy a pamper session and know I’ll be showering again the next morning. I use either a scrubber thing (what do you call those shower sponge scrub things everyone uses?!) or this massage and scrubbing body brush I bought in Tiger the other day. 

DSC_0016Post-Shower Skin

love body butter. They’re the perfect moisturizers, especially if you get non-greasy ones that sink in to the skin really well. The Boots Mango Extracts Body Butter is ideal for this, plus it smells amazing!

My job involves washing up a few times a day and as I wash up at home too, my arms were getting pretty sensitive to washing up liquid. My sister recommended Body Shop Hemp Body Butter as it cleared up her sensitive skin great. She treated me to a tub of this. It’s super thick so it is lasting me a long time and really did clear up my arms! It’s also great for hands as a thick moisturiser. Dry hands is another side of washing up and collapsing boxes regularly! 

My regular hand cream is this amazing L’Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream. My beautiful friend Anna got this for me for Secret Santa this year. It was even wrapped up all yellow… she knows me well 😉

So, that’s a little look in to my favourite everyday hair and skin beauty products! Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these yourself of have any recommendations.

Happy Sunday to you all 🙂

Kath xxx


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