Making Easy Mini Crumbles


So I had a little bit of a sweet tooth the other evening and fancied myself a little treat. I couldn’t decide what to make and didn’t have anything in my snack drawer that was sweet. In the end, I settled on some mini fruit crumbles- they were so simple but so good. I just made use of my fruit bowl ingredients and had basic cupboard ingredients for the topping already so no shopping trip was required!

I used this basic crumble topping recipe and froze it so I could make a few more! You simply add  200g plain flour to 70g caster sugar and rub in 120g butter till a crumbly consistency. DSC_0100STEW. For my fruit mixture, I did two combination. The first was apple with raisins, the second plum. Peel and chop your fruit into equal chunks, about an inch wide will do, you want some chunks in your fruit rather than just mushy sauce, and pop in seperate pans. I added about 50g caster sugar (but taste test! I used braeburn apples so didn’t need as much as Granny Smiths may require.) to 2 large braeburn applesin one pan and 4 plums in another.  I added 1 tbsp cinnamon powder to both mixtures because I love it and a handful of raisins to the apple mixture. Add a splash of water to stop the fruit catching and cook on medium heat until soft enough to start squashing the fruit into a sauce with small chunks remaining.DSC_0101

SPREAD your mixture equally in to small oven proof dishes and lightly press down the mixture so there are no big gaps the crumble could fall in to.
DSC_0103SPRINKLE your mixture with a layer of crumble. How thick you want it is really your personal preference, mine were probably about half an inch thick. I then sprinkled cinnamon on top of the crumble (told you I’m obsessed!).

BAKE for 10-15 minutes on medium-high heed. You want your crumble to go golden and crispy.

EAT. All four of them over one afternoon if you’re anything like me!

These are such a great last minute pudding or quick and easy treat. I made them for my lovely flatmate too and we had a lovely late night crumble catch up!

I hope you enjoy this little recipe and have wonderful weekends 🙂

Kath xxx

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