Tiger Haul


DSC_0010Let’s talk about Tiger. I knew about this store because Dad has gifted me things from there before and they were always really good! Pretty notebook, funky pens, stationary? Totally up my street. It’s sort of like a mini Ikea. You know that last section you go through before the market place when it’s all gift wrap and candles?

I popped in a few times when I was down visiting, not realising there was one in Edinburgh to go to. Since I’ve moved to Glasgow however, I’ve become obsessed. I love it there so much! The only thing is, they sell all those little bits and bobs that you don’t really need unless your 1) hosting a party, 2) decorating a room or 3) just wasting money. Guess which option I’ve been? Hehe.

However, with the new flat nearly finished, I’ve been planning my room for next year. I’m one of these people who loves to have everything on show if possible. My make up needs to be out so I can easily get to it, I like to see all the books, notepads and scrapbooks I have available and love seeing the ornaments and trinkets I’ve gathered up over the years. However, as my room this year has been fairly small, I’m getting pretty sick of everything looking cluttered and full so as I’ve been planning my room, I’ve been thinking of everything more simple and sleek. Tiger is perfect for this! They have a great selection of storage boxes and other handy keepsake organisers. I’m waiting till I move in to get this sort of thing so I can see the space I have and work with it rather than the other way around.

I went in for a quick bit of retail therapy yesterday though and managed to find a few bits and bobs to start off my collection which I am super happy with! Some of the items photographed are gathered up from a couple of trips over the past few months. YAY FOR TIGER. Here goes…

Felt fruit basket: I’d seen this in store a few times and while I liked it, was never drawn to the colours (pinks and greens). When I looked online though (everything is listed on the website with prices, however it’s not a web shop) I saw it in this lovely turquoise colour. They had it in store and as my fruit is constantly precariously balanced on my food trolley, I added it to my basket!DSC_0076

Spices and spice jars. I’d been planning on investing in spice jars for a while because they’re so much more economical that buying supermarket jars! These packets are all £1 and there is a huge selection. I filled up my spice jars and still have maybe 3 or 4 refills before they’re finished! Ideal.

Snacks. I am guilt of snacking. Always snacking! No matter how big my meals are or how full I get, I just can’t help but crave crisps or chocolate or something inbetween. Tiger have a huge range of snacks so I have gathered up a selection of the slightly healthier options. Those rice cakes? So good! I took some in my handbag for the journey to Scott’s and when I arrived he ate them all. Next time I went, I took him 6 packs and there were all gone within a couple of weeks! Impressive, huh? Their sour cream and chive crisps are incredible too.


Cards. I’m trying to get better at sending cards and Tiger constantly have a pretty selection. I got these three and one more (already written!) on my last visit and have them out on my desk under my calander so I don’t forget to write them!DSC_0038

Knicker purse. I needed a little purse to keep all my coppers in and this was only £1. Pretty cute, huh? Or kinda weird…DSC_0041

Toothbrush holder. This doesn’t really need explaining, does it?? DSC_0057 DSC_0059

Wire towel storage. I was struggling to find place to hang towels to dry and still have my room look tidy during the day and so picked this up a few weeks back! It does the job just fine. Also, how cool is my Friends poster Scott gifted me?! He knows me well 😉

So for those of you who don’t know Tiger, check it out! I think it’s great for quirky, bold, colourful accessories that are either practical or just fun. Let me know which item is your favourite!

Kath xxx

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