Trying ‘proper’ photography

DSC_0010So, I’ve been using my Nikon DSLR for quite a while now, for personal photos and for planned blog posts. It was my Dad’s old camera which he’d had for a number of years but when he progressed to a new one, I was lucky enough to get it! And I love it! Dad tried to train me up a number of times and it just never seemed to click. I tried the books, looked online, yadayada. I just couldn’t quite get it. But that was okay, because I was happy using auto, pointing and clicking and then fiddling with my shots after (on the most basic editing software ever!) For what I’ve been trying to achieve, I’ve been really happy with my photos and love them all.

However, when Dad was up to visit last November, he was explaining to me yet again and I could feel myself getting confused at aperture, shutter speed, F numbers and so on. But when I stopped and thought about what he said, I suddenly kind of got it! Kind of. I’m not even going to attempt to repeat it here because: 1) it’s likely I actually completely misunderstood  2) there are hundreds of other bloggers, photographers, writers all explaining it better than me and 3) this isn’t intended to be a ‘how to’ kind of post, just a little bit about my experience with taking photos, but I thought it’d be nice to share!

I was flicking through Instagram only the other day and saw a Q+A on photography (I can’t for the life of me remember what account it was on!) I was just having a quick read when I saw an answer on how to get better at taking photographs on a DSLR. The reply was simple- turn your camera to manual and never go back. As I said, I’ve simple been pointing and clicking with just an occasional attempt at playing around. So, I set myself this challenge when my sister was up (I shared some photos here) and was so happy with the results! Admittedly, a lot of the photos were blurry, over exposed, too dark, too light, but I’d tried and a small number of the photos I took on manual were actually pretty good! I tried again when Scott was over (again, shared pictures and outfits here) and was so chuffed! The natural light definitely helped but the pictures came out so beautiful and bright. I was so pleased! Here’s a couple of my favourites…DSC_0116 DSC_0013

Now, I know there aren’t perfect and that altering this or that setting would have made them better, but for one of my firsts attempt, I am pleased!

I realise now that a skill doesn’t necessarily come from the knowledge, though of course that is thoroughly important, but rather from the confidence to try and practice and be willing to make mistakes. It’s the learning process that is the most fun, feeling challenged and getting excited to try something new, then when you get that one good photo that makes you proud to say you took it, it feel far more rewarding!

So go out, give something a try and be a little bold. You might surprise yourself! I know I did.

Kath xxx

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