Spring Time in Kelvingrove

IMG_5716 IMG_5718 IMG_5698 IMG_5709 IMG_5693I spent around 5 minutes this morning stood still in my room debating whether or not to take my camera out. It was quite bright but not sunny and I didn’t intend to be out for that long so in the end I just left it at home and headed off.


Today ended up feeling like the first day of spring! The sun was shining and I could actually feel the warmth of it through my coat, the daffodils are starting to come out, blossom is appearing on the trees- it’s so beautiful! I was dressed all bright and colourful in the hope that it would be reflected in the day and it sure was. My friends and I walked through Kelvingrove Park to a little cafe called Montgomery’s near Kelvingrove art gallery for lunch and caught up over soup and toasties for a few hours. I handed in an essay this morning so it was nice to unwind. With my job and university deadlines, the last few weeks has been pretty busy, though I am loving it.

After mooching round the shops I wandered home and made meatballs in a tomato sauce for my dinner (which was an amazing recipe!) and I’m just settling down to a night of pampering and watching Game of Thrones. I am totally addicted!!

Have a great week, I’ll be back soon with some more updates 🙂

Kath xx


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