CELEBRATIONS: Valentines and Anniversary

Happy Valentines Day! 

I thought this was a good day to share these photos of my Grandparents. Have a flick through and read a little about them underneath!
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I know this is a lot of photos to share in a blog post but I actually cut down significantly from the original number I wanted to put up! On the 1st of February, my Grandma and Papa celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They planned to go out for a meal with my Uncle and Auntie, but didn’t know that actually, my sister had driven down, Mum was on a flight from Scotland and all their friends were waiting at the restaurant as a complete surprise! With plans like this, it’s so easy to let it slip, especially with so many people involved, but it stayed a secret and they were surprised and delighted in equal measure!

Sadly, Alex, Scott and I couldn’t travel down too, which we were all so disappointed about, but we got lots of reaction videos and a copy of the slideshow my Uncle Tim put together. He did an amazing job, as did everyone with putting the night together and making it special. My old romantic heart just can’t handle flicking through their story over the years with the Beach Boys playing in the background! It also can’t handle the fact the married at The Fairy Falls Hotel! (When I was younger, I was a HUGE fairy fan, and my Grandma and Papa always used to get me fairy themed treats or help me feel fairy huts in the garden)

In May, all of my Mum’s side of the family are getting together in a cottage in Yorkshire for a week. I can’t wait to spend time with everyone together. Scott is coming too which makes the trip all the more special, and it will be so lovely to all be under one roof together for an extended period of time! It’s so tricky with us all living all around the country to have that time, so we can’t wait.

I also can’t wait to make a love story of my own. Mine and Scott’s has of course already begun, and I can’t wait till all those years down the line to look back at the photos I took last weekend or shared on the blog the other month and feel as joyful as I do when I see these beautiful photos of my grandparents.

I hope all of your readers have some sort of beautiful love in your life this Valentines Day. Be it with a partner, a friend, family member. Enjoy this day with them and make it extra special.

With all my love,

Kath xxx


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