ROAMING: S’mug, Glasgow and Getting In The Student Way


S’mug Coffee Bar is my current favourite coffee shop in the West End, so I thought it only right to share it with the world out there. But don’t all come at once… I still want a table 😉 I stopped at S’mug a handful of times last semester, but this semester I’ve been visiting far more, sometimes with friends for a catch up, other times just by myself to chill out, read a book or catch up on lectures. It’s just off Byres Road and conveniently less that 5 minutes to most of the buildings I have lectures and tutorials in. I’ve been every day this week. In fact, I’m sitting in the corner right now as I write this. Here’s why I love this place…


Food & Drink

Okay, the most important part of a cafe first! I don’t drink coffee but from bringing my Mum and Dad here on separate occasions, I’m pretty sure it’s good. I drink tea and in S’mug they give you the biggest mugs- it kinda rocks. They have a great selection of different tea, including their signature Lemon and Ginger with Fresh Honey which I will eventually try! There smoothies are also great and you can pick a few different flavours. These pictures were snapped back in November when my Dad came to visit so I can’t remember what I had, but I remember it tasted good!

Food here is also great. For a little cafe, there is a great selection! Let’s start with cakes because… well, who doesn’t want to start with cake?! Their Mars crispy cake is INCREDIBLE, as are their scones. They do soup of the day which are served in another big mug. I’ve previously had lentil and leek and potato and they have both been lovely. I also enjoy their bacon and egg bagels, though they do a huge range of bagels hot and cold with loads of different fillings! It’s ideal for a quick pick-me-up lunch on the go!

Atmosphere and music

One of the reasons I love it so much here is that you can sit for hours (regularly going back for tea, of course) and not feel like you need to move on. Though it’s small, there’s plenty of tables to accommodate the 1 o’clock lunch time rush and the rest of the day feels relaxed.

The music is such an awesome mix! The genres mix up loads but the pace is similar so it’s really easy listening. I was gonna plug in to my headphones and put on a YouTube playlist but changed my mind when I remembered how much I enjoy just listening to the music and the humdrum around. I mean, David Gray just came on… PERFECTION. 

Staff and cost

The staff are always super friendly and service is quick so whether you’re sitting in or taking to go, you won’t be waiting long. The layout means you’re never in the way either so can just sit, relax and enjoy.

As a student, nothing annoys me more than paying £2, £3 for a tiny cup of tea. S’mug, in my experience, deliver on quality and quantity for a good, affordable price. I got a tea, bacon and egg bagel and crispy cake, all really good size, for around £6? To me, that’s about bang on what I’d be looking to pay. 

Overall, you can tell I love it here at S’mug. It’s what I look for in a cafe, with great atmosphere and music, a nice mix of students and others with great food and drink. So, get down here! Check it out! But as I said earlier… be sure to save me a seat!DSC_0088On a bit of a side note, I thought I’d catch you guys up on how student life is treating me. Since I came back from the Christmas break, I’ve been struggling to get back in to the student way. Nothing major, just would rather watch a film in bed that even consider going over the lecture I missed 😉 As I’m changing my subject and going back in to first year, I think there’s a big part of me which knows I don’t need to ace these exams or remember all the facts as a basis for the next 3 years. I want to do well, of course, but with so much else going on, I was finding it pretty hard to know what to prioritize!

Last week was a bit weird. Pretty much every night I went to bed feeling totally unaccomplished, even though I’d been reading, going to tutorials, going to a from the flat, posting blog stuff, catching up with friends. I didn’t know what was missing so I felt a bit lost. I went home for the weekend and I think I needed those few days of relaxing, not to worry about flying off back to Glasgow, but just enjoy family time. Turns out, that was exactly what I needed! I came back on Sunday night, sat down and planned my Monday. Monday, I fitted everything I needed to in and by evening felt far better with my day. Yesterday, I was travelling around from the West End, University, the flat, to the centre, back to halls, but in the evening I managed (*confession* for the first time this semester) to sit down and plan essays and work. It felt so good! And once again, I went to bed feeling more accomplished that I have at all since I came to uni really!

As much as it’s a student stereotype that we sit in cafes and read all day, the fact is, when I sat in a cafe and read all day, I felt better and achieved more that I have at all this first year at university! It feels really good to finally know I’m getting really settled and in to more of a pattern.

Are any of your guys students? How did you find your first year in uni? I’d love to know!

Have a fabulous rest of your week!

Kath xxx

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