Brotherly Love


I spent Friday shopping in Edinburgh with this little rascal. We got the bus up in the morning and headed for lunch at Frankie and Benny’s. We shared loaded potato skins, chicken strips and dough balls. So yummy!

On the bus up, Alex said to me ‘I love our days together in Edinburgh, Kath.’ Despite the fact he’s hitting his hormonal teenage years, he is still such a sweet and kind hearted soul and it makes me so proud to call him my little brother. We were snuggled up chatting this morning and I started imagining what it’ll be like in 10 years time when we’re both grown up! I can’t wait to see him finish high school, move out of home, get his first flat, because I know just how exciting this whole process was for me. I can’t wait to help him through it all, just like B did with me. Having siblings is such a special thing, and I love that I am so close to mine. DSCN7554

I shopped for some smart casual clothes for my new job (which, oh my gosh, I am SO excited to start!) and Alex spent some Christmas vouchers and got the coat he is pictured in with money our Grandparents gave him. He fell in love with it and has worn it constantly since!DSCN7549 DSCN7546


Edinburgh looked so beautiful in the winter sunlight, we just couldn’t resist stopping for a few snaps!

Thanks for being the best, little one, I love you loads ❤

Kath xxx

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