IG Daily: Week 2



1. Reading- Ian McEwan is my favourite author and On Chesil Beach is my favourite book ever! I went with Black Dogs in the end, thought I’d read something new!

2. Cinema trip- I came back to Glasgow on Saturday after the Christmas break. To celebrate, I went to the cinema with Elsa, Alasdair and Kieran and saw the rest of the gang when we got back. It’s so good to see them all again!

3. Backpack- this was a photo from my ‘Get Ready With Me’ on Sunday. Scott got me this beautiful bag for Christmas from a vintage fair and I love it!

4. Piano- last week, some of my girlfriends came to visit me at home home for the day. Elsa played piano for us- it was beautiful!

5. Blog- I gave the blog a little bit of a makeover- what do you think?!

6. Cookies- I helped my little brother make choc chip cookies before I headed back to Glasgow. The were really tasty!

7. Reading rooms- I went to the reading rooms in between lectures the other day. It was a clear day and the light was so beautiful!

Kath xx

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