Instagram Daily: Week 1



As you know, another of my New Year’s Resolutions is to Instagram a picture daily. I’m gonna share seven days at a time, each Wednesday with a little bit of information about the photo I took.

(From top to bottom)

1. Me and Scott, New Year’s Day- we had such a lovely, lazy afternoon with Scott’s sisters, watching New Girl and eating yummy food!

2. Shadow kisses- we spent another lazy day in Glasgow before heading back home. It was so nice to have lots of time with together.

3. Rainy boots- Even though it was torrential raining, I had my music on and felt so happy to be out and about.

4. Hand holding- I made Scott a latte for breakfast and we sat outside in the sunshine… then it rained.

5. Furry hood- garden center in winter + lifting plant pots with bare hands= freezing

6. Scott- I just love this one and flicking through my photos and finding this made my day.

7. Reading- me and Alex had such a lazy day on the sofa reading together. It was nice to have relaxed time together. He’s usually so energetic and excitable!

How was your first week of 2014?

Kath xxx

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