ABM Challenge: Tip #3 and #7


The Challenge: To take a photo related to each tip featured in the (amazing!) A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. Sharing my week’s pictures here each Monday!

Tip 3- capture genuine emotion

^^TIP #3: Capture Genuine Emotion^^

It makes me so happy to see Scott as happy as he is in this picture. This was New Year’s Day and we were having such a great time celebrating together. This was a simple point-and-click photo but I think it capture Scott and his kind, fun personality so perfectly. A definite treasure of a snap.

Tip 7- photograph your pet (2)

^^TIP #7: Photograph Your Pet^^

I like this playful shot of Noodles, stealing my bookmark. Usually he plays for a little while and then scarpers, but he stuck around all morning to play this time! I was playing with the aperture on my camera while I took this and this was my favourite. The colours of his fur look so beautiful!

 I am so ridiculously excited to get more stuck in to the ABM book and challenge! I so love feeling inspired and I want to try harder this year to make the most of it when I do feel that way. Join in with the challenge! Buy the book and follow along, or just set yourselves some mini challenges to share. I would love to see your links below and see other people’s takes on the tips.

Hope you enjoy and stick along for the ride!

Kath xxx

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