Blogmas Day 5: Elf jokes and hot chocolate

A little boy was ill around Christmas time. To cheer him up, his Mum dressed him up in an elf costume! He was feeling better by the time his Gran came to visit, so when she saw him, she remarked “Oh! You’re looking more ‘elfy!”

DSCN7048 DSCN7049

Today has been great! It started off a little stressed because of crazy weather meaning many all trains were cancelled and many buses were delayed. It’s Scott’s 18th tomorrow so I needed to get to Stirling, but luckily the bus I was due to get ran fine, despite the snow starting just as we left! While I waited for Scott, I read Pride and Prejudice (I have started it before, but never finished it sadly!) and drank a creamy hot chocolate- so good.

The joke at the start of  this post is an orginal. A couple of nights ago I was in an extremely good mood and struggled to even tell it for laughing so hard! Sadly, my friends didn’t find it so funny 😉 My sister and Dad did though, and when I told them on Skype they joined in with all the other elf puns possible. You can tell we’re related, hehehe! My friend Ali thought it was only right I shared it with you here on the blog, so it is at the top of this post in his honour! I challenge you to retell it and not break down in hysterics. It seems that when hearing it it’s not funny, but on telling it, the laughter sneaks up.

I can’t wait for the next couple of days! Celebrating Scott’s birthday, going out with his friends, visiting his wonderful family after a long time and then heading home to mine- I can’t wait to share snippets with you all here on TVT!

I hope you’re week is going well ❤

Love, Kath xxx

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