Blogmas Day 3: Gift Guide


Thanks to Jamie for pinching my camera and taking this snap of me!

I’m blogging day 3 a little earlier today because it’s a fairly uninteresting one! I decided to sit in front of the Christmas decorations in our kitchen and do a bit of revision so plan to stay here for the rest of the day. Sometimes a change of scenery helps a little, even if it’s just from one room to the next.

I’m loving this university experience as a whole, even though my subject choice isn’t entirely suiting me right now! It has been tricky to get back in the swing of working after a fairly lazy last year in high school and lots of socializing and change in the last couple of months, but it is definitely getting easier. I’ve loved exploring Glasgow and other places with my family, Scott and all my new friends, and I keep remembering just how much I love recording the special moments every day.

Here’s a few ways I like to record memories which make pretty good gift ideas at the same time…


1. Five Year Diaries. (Picture from here) I recently bought one of these adorable diaries. You write one line a day for 5 years and each year you can look back and compare your days. It’s a sweet way to remember as well as to see how you’ve changed as a person. You could even try a theme for each day, writing your favourite song, film, quote etc. each day and see how that changes as the years go on. I got my diary in WHSmith in the style pictured, but I know there are many other designs!

2. Scrapbooks. These are not only fun and creative to do, but so much fun to go back through. It’s also a wonderful skill to have! Paperchase to particularly lovely scrapbooks. 

3. Books. So many websites provide book printing services. My personal favourite is Bob’s Books which my Dad introduced me to. The finish is beautiful and there’s so many different book types to choose from, plus the software is super clean and easy to use! I am building up my collection of Printbooks. I currently have my yearbook, last years ‘Year in Instagrams’ with some of my favourite phone photos and then my favourite which is a book of poems and photos my Dad wrote and took all collated together. He made one for me and my sister and it is so special. 

4. Printing photos. This seems like an obvious one but it is so easy to forget to print the pictures you take when using a digital camera! I love Snapfish as they’re so cheap and always have good deals on but print nicely too. These can be used to build up your scrapbook, make cards, pin on notice boards or just put in frames and photo albums!

I hope these ideas inspire you, whether it’s for recording your own memories or giving a loved one a special and personal present this Christmas! I’d love to hear or see some of your magical memories and also any recommendations on how to record memories are always lovely.


Kath xxx

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