BLOGMAS 2013: Day 1


So, many of you may have heard of YouTubers doing something called ‘Vlogmas.’ Basically, they record a vlog everyday of December leading up to Christmas. I’m putting my own little twist on it and making a version right here on TVT!

Each day I’ll share a little snippet of something I’ve done, festive or otherwise. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to join in and comment me your Blogmas- or Vlogmas- posts!

Day 1: Christmas Decor


I knew on a student budget there was no WAY I’d be purchasing a Christmas tree this year, real or artificial. I looked online for some inspiration and decided to get creative a make a wall mounted paper version for our flat kitchen! My block mates and I are planning our own Christmas day before we all head home for the holidays and we’re hosting it in our kitchen so it seemed right to have somewhere to put our Secret Santa gifts under!

I headed to Paperchase, my favourite stationary shop, and Tiger, which is cheap and great for decorative bits and bobs, and gathered up some things I thought I could use in this project. I’ll do a really basic explanation here but if anyone wants to know in more detail how I made this, just comment!

1. Tape together two pieces of A1 sized green paper (from Paperchase). Measure the half way point of the paper and mark this on the top of the sheet (with the sheet in landscape).

2. Take a tape measure from the dot to each outer bottom corner and draw a faint line. This will mark out your triangle Christmas tree shape. Cut this out.

3. Starting from the bottom of the Christmas tree shape, mark 2cm up, then 9cm up, then 2cm up, then 9 cm up until you get to the top. This will create the bands for different decorations to be added in rows. I managed to get about 10 rows, but you can adjust the size depending on what you have to decorate.

4. Go crazy adding decorations to eat rows! I used glitter, cut out Christmas cards as baubles, tinsel, snow flakes and added a star on top. Be creative!

I am so pleased with how my Christmas tree turned out, even if it did look vaguely like a group of nursery kids had been given a load of glitter to play with…! 

Happy 1st of December and happy beginning of ‘Blogmas’! I’m so excited for this month 🙂

Kath xx



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