Hello, lovely people!

The last few months have been super crazy with lots of changes in life so I thought I’d update you on where I’ve been. I’m feeling more settled now so I think it’s about time I got back in to sharing a little bit of day to day life since I love doing it so much.

A New Home – I fall more in love with Glasgow every time I go out and explore another cafe, street or area. The Botanics is one of my favourite spots so far!


A New Study – although I am considering changing my course, Glasgow University is more than incredible and I love learning here! (Hogwarts anyone?!)

Explorations (1)

A New Adventure (or two…) – not only do I get to explore Glasgow and so many other places, but Scott is in Stirling and every time I visit him he shows me something new that he loves. It’s so special! Explorations (3)

New Friends – I have met the most incredible people ever here. I love every single one of the people I have met here so far and know I’ve already found friends for life. (That’s Lydia, by the way.)


Each day here makes a new memory and is a new experience and I can’t wait to start sharing it back on this blog so I can look back in times to come and remember all those little moments.

Kath xx

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