My 18th: Part 1

DSC_0118 DSC_0099DSC_0057My birthday morning was fantastic. My Grandma flew up for the weekend and Scott stayed over, so I was surrounded by many special people. I woke Scott up at 8am repeatedly saying ‘IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY.’ He wasn’t best pleased 😉 I opened his presents in the bed- the most beautiful necklace (picture to come), a tea jar and the Friends box set. I also got a lovely photo of me and him on the beach (far left in last picture above) and a meal voucher for the Bake House from his family!

We went downstairs and I got so many more lovely presents. Mum got me a beautiful red leather travel bag, Dad got me the AMAZING Orla Kiely radio and I got so many lovely pictures of my loved ones. I was spoilt! It was so lovely and relaxing getting quality time with Scott, especially on such an exciting day and all my family made it so super special.

Kath xxx

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