Look Who Graduated!



Firstly, apologies for being AWOL. It has been a totally manic few weeks and something just needed to take the backseat for a little while. I’ve had dissertations, birthdays, weekends away, yearbook creating, graduation day planning, video making, revision and a Friends box set to watch (a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!) I finished by first exam yesterday and only have one more to go on the 20th so have a little more time back to myself.

Secondly, we graduated! Me, Scott and all of our class mates. The Senior Student Council (SSC) which Scott and I are a part of planned the event in one of the town halls. We had the staff choir perform, Scott and I did a video presentation of all the teachers with the rest of the Head Team for everyone, there was a local caterer and then a ceilidh! It was such a nice final day of school. Though I had a job interview straight after, (I GOT IT!)  I still got a chance to sit in the park with friends before going with Scott and the family to see Iron Man 3- so amazingly amazing!

Missed it here!

Back soon,

Kath xxx

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