Making time for make up

DSC_0016Life has been pretty crazy busy with dissertations recently, and after two weeks off school doing lots of work, I felt pretty fed up. I figured since I’d spent most of the week with my hair scraped back, no make up and my comfy trackies on, I would make an effort and do my make up all nice. Though I washed it off after about 15 minutes (*confession* that is my PJ top in that picture…!) it felt nice to glam up and make an effort for a while.

It is a busy week over here! Both my English and Modern Studies dissertations are due in for Friday, I have my practical driving test on Wednesday (major fingers crossed) and I’m job searching. Then… this weekend is birthday time! My Grandma comes up from England on Friday, Scott is staying over until the Saturday, (my birthday!) then I have my friends round for a themed bash  in the evenin g(more to come…). On Sunday, it’s Mumma’s turn for the celebration! It’s going to be busy but so much fun!

Roll on being 18….!

Kath xxx

P.S. This lipstick was a tutorial from YouTuber, kandeejohnson, called Red Velvet lips. Though the effect doesn’t show quite as well in this picture, the effect was beautiful!!

One thought on “Making time for make up

  1. Really like the makeup. I am a sucker for red lips and you did a beautiful job on this look. Hope your papers go well and you get a chance to enjoy a very relaxed and tons of fun birthday weekend. Can’t wait to read about it. I’m going to follow you. Love the blog.

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