What I’m Wearing: stripes!


Dress and cardigan: H&M    Tights: F&F at Tesco   Shoes: Topshop

2 3 4A few months ago, I bought this dress from H&M in navy. Ever since, I have been searching for it again, as it’s such a great and simple piece! I couldn’t find it in store or online in any colours, let alone the original navy I had.

As I was browsing through the H&M site the other day (they have an awesome sale on, and if you Google ‘H&M Voucher Codes’ there’s £5 off and 25% off the most expensive item too!) I came across this striped number. I thought it was lovely and when I looked further, realised it was that same dress. And they had multiple colours- YAY! Off course, I snapped it up straight away. I was debating getting another one but wasn’t sure about the other colours so didn’t bother in the end, but they’ve added one in the colour of the tights in these photos- I think it is love 😉

This dress is great as it can be layered in winter and worn without tights in summer. It’s the right material to work in different seasons and length wise is good without tights. There are just so many benefits!!… Can you tell I really love it??

What are your key wardrobe pieces?

Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing: stripes!

  1. Wow this is such a nice look! you are so pretty 🙂 great colour combination too!
    Could you checkout my fashion blog and sketches, also my about me page, i think yoou will like it!

    remember to leave a comment too
    thx 🙂

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