My Little Runner Man

DSC_0005 DSC_0043 DSC_0071We’re currently on our Easter holidays and have been lucky to gain some sunny days! Though it’s still  cold  freezing (!!), it was a beautiful day and both me and Alex fancied getting outside while Mum was at work.  Alex got a new pair of trainers and he’s getting really in to running, so we went to the park nearby and I set him some challenges- round the park and he gets one treat, a set number of sprints and he gets another sorta thing. After his first lap, he decided he wanted to do the same again so he did that while I took some photos of the pretty, sunny scenes. He’d well earned both fingers of the KitKat by this point 😉 Despite the chill, we enjoyed chatting and giggling over puns (see this post) before heading back home for soup to warm us up again. It was a lovely morning and my wee man seems to be getting less and less ‘wee’ by the minute- 13 in June! Woah- I’m going to have a stroppy, hormonal teenage brother… good job I’m off to university soon 😉

DSC_0062For anyone who was interested, this is me looking very leisurely and relaxed. I ate the KitKat too, despite making no effort to run around the park twice like Alex 😉 

Kath xxx


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