How to look like Magenta

DSCN5755Last night I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show with Mum and Beth at the Edinburgh Playhouse. It was incredible! I’ve seen the film many times so know the songs and some of the famous lines, but I’m no expert on the etiquette involved with the stage show. It didn’t matter! When we got there, everyone just went with the crowd and we soon began to pick up the right/wrong moments to sing or shout of get up and dance- it was so much fun! The regulars who know the show well knew when to shout out random funny jokes, even if they weren’t the typical. It was hilarious and there wasn’t a second when we weren’t either dancing, laughing or singing!

Mum went as Columbia, Beth as RiffRaff and I chose to be Magenta! Here’s a mini guide to how I got my look….

The Costume

Outfit pagMum and I went for a few charity shop trawls to get all the little bits we needed for our costumes. We were lucky in finding this silk black dress the first time! Magenta traditionally has the white collar and sleeves, but we just went for a big collar and then added an apron. This one was perfect as we could pin the top at a slight angle to get Magenta’s disheveled look! The doily was harder to find and the one we did get was a bit big, but I folded it into quarters and then just used curby grips to pin it down and it stayed all night! As we couldn’t find the boots, I improvised, but the socks and heels ended up working really well!

Key bits

  • Make sure your maid dress has a big collar (black or white) as that is quite a key part of her look.
  • Don’t make it perfect! She looks disheveled and wacky.
  • It doesn’t need to be exact- do your own spin on her look, mix her as a maid and as someone from another planet! You don’t need to follow her looks strictly to look fab.

The look

Make up page

I used face paint to get Magenta’s pale look and just attempted the look with the make up I already had around. I have naturally curly hair so I didn’t wash it for a couple of days and then hair sprayed each section before back combing and the look stayed all night. Go big! I followed this brilliant to tutorial which was super easy and I’m so pleased with the way the look turned out! 

Key bits

  • Make your hair as big as you can! If you have straight hair, curl it before you back home and washing it that day/the day before will mean it won’t hold as much!
  • The white base is pretty important, and I found the face paint worked well. I didn’t have any powder light enough, however, and felt quite shiny, so I’d definitely say it’s worth investing in that!

Let me know if you plan on dressing up as Magenta, or any of the Rocky characters, and if you feel like you don’t have an excuse to, just buy the DVD, invite round some friends and have your very own version! I’d love to see your results!

Kath xxx

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