DSC_0151 DSC_0158 DSC_0150It’s been a pretty busy week! It’s getting to that crazy dissertation time and with both an English and Modern Studies one to right, all my free time is crammed with that. The yearbook committee which I’m a part of are also getting sorted with that, so we’ve been holding photo days for a our year and trying to find the right company to go with. Everything is running smoothly, but days feel pretty crammed too- but in a good way! 😀

We had some great news this week as Scott got his first university offer (an unconditional to Stirling!) It’s such a relief as the wait has been long, but I’m so proud of my boy and believed in him the whole way! YAY! (We also realised the train between Glasgow and Stirling is only half an hour- DOUBLE YAY!!!)

Mum, Beth and I are off to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Edinburgh tonight! It is going to be so awesome. I’ll be sure to post many pictures of our weird and wonderful costumes. Here is the family last night celebrating Red Nose Day in style.

Kath xxxx


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