What I’m Wearing: the onion dress


For Christmas, some of my relatives kindly gave me a voucher for New Look. I don’t do much shopping in New Look anymore and generally find there stuff a bit hit and miss for my style, so I gave the voucher to my Mum who was off shopping and told her to surprise me. It’s fair to say she did! At first, I didn’t know what to think about this dress, but now, I love it for many reasons.

1) It’s got yellow in it

2) It’s a great shape for my style

3) It’s yellow… oh, wait- I said that one!

It is a Pussycat London dress and I looked up styling inspiration online shortly after and found that Kelly Brook wore a body-con dress in this fabric by D&G… what?! Loving it a little more now I can maybe try and pass it off as a designer… (just Google onion print dress! The pattern was also featured in Gossip Girl!) So I soon began to realize this wasn’t just a cooky dress I would maybe wear once, but that it could actually work styled in three different ways…

Garden Party Glam

-This is the simplest of the three looks but I really love that. Just paired with a some green heels to bring out the green in the dress and a mustard pashmina, I’d wear this to a garden party or slightly more formal night!

Scarf:  House of Hogarth   Heels: Forever 21

2 3 4

Skirt styling

I wore this up to Edinburgh for a friends birthday party and love the autumnal feel of it (yes, I know, totally wrong time of year for that!) However, as I simply unzipped it and folded down the top part of the dress, it was trickier than usual to make this dress pass as a skirt, but it worked for instant effect!

Blouse:  Louche @ Joy   Cardigan: Mango   Bag + shoes: H&M

5 6 7

‘ONIONS HAVE LAYERS. OGRES HAVE LAYERS.’… Shrek? Oh, yes, I went there.

All dresses can be layered in some way or another I think, and this one pairs great with this burgundy jumper which compliments the pink in the dress.

Jumper and socks: Topshop  Necklace:  Gifted  Boots: Primark

8 9 10I can’t wait to keep styling this dress!

Kath xxx

P.S. Sorry about the poor quality of some of the photos. I’m still working out the self-timer settings on my new camera!

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