Hat, hat, hatter

DSC_0036Meet my new hat. Its name is Beauty. And it is black. So Black Beauty. Who is with me?!… I’ll move on!

This (actual) beauty of a hat was purchased in the sale from M&Co and I am in LOVE with it! I have wanted a hat like this for so long after I turned down the chance to buy one a while back-  I thought I’d be good and save some pennies. BAD CHOICE! I deeply regretted it and had a burgundy floppy hat shaped hole in my heart for a long time… just kidding, but I was desperate to find an equally lovely one!! I was so pleased when I found this as it seems I’m catching the felt hat trend late and most high street stores I browsed at no longer stocked any of them. I love it for jazzing up a simple look and it’s great for exercise when it blows off in the cold Scottish wind and I have to chase it down the road… yes, that did very nearly happen to me today.

NOTE TO SELF: only suitable in non-windy conditions!

What is your favorite new item recently?

Kath xxx

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