To 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s here. And it’s going to be a big one. There are lots of things that are going to be changing and new to me this year and I am so excited (and just a little scared…!) I still have a few months left of hectic studying-head girl duty juggling, but summer won’t be long after. Me and Scott plan to go down South for a week or so, and then it’ll (hopefully!) be off to university! A busy, busy year.

Although I don’t particularly like (or stick to) resolutions, I do have a few rough aims, goals, targets for this year.


An obvious one, I know! Eat healthier, do more exercise… blah blah!


Or the very opposite, as the case may be! I’ve spent too much time in the past view months worrying and panicking and, well, freaking out about to do lists and deadlines, it just got ridiculous. I felt overwhelmed and not good at all. I was so upset about all of this, that I was starting to lose my sense of self and was ignoring the time I needed. I need to focus on doing what needs to be done in a calm manner, so my head stays level when more serious stresses come my way.


Not just doing more, but taking my time about it when I do. I love the satisfied feeling you get when you’ve created something pretty or useful, and when I take time to create something cute and cheery, I’m so proud of it.


I love cooking and got a fab cookbook for Christmas which I can’t wait to put to good use. Even taking the time to cook a small breakfast or lunch if not a big meal would be good in my books!

What are your big aims for the new year??

Kath xxxx

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