Planning life

This week has been full of plans, and plans for plans! University is getting so, so close and it’s just a matter of time before I’ll be doing nothing but waiting for that acceptance/rejection letter! I didn’t share my exam results with you guys, but here they are… AAAAC. That’s more than what I needed for university, and thought the C isn’t important at this stage, I am appealing it to a B which I got for my prelim. Also, I was rewarded with prefect and have been going through the interview process for the Senior Student Council and for Head Girl position! As I said, it is all happening. Along with school work, it is tough, but I enjoy all the pressure and demands somehow, and I know in the end, all this work will pay off and make for a very exciting time!

I won’t lie, the thought of my whole future depending on what I do and decide in the next few months is scary- no, not scary…TERRIFYING- but exciting too so… here goes!

Is anyone else making big decisions? Doing new things? I’d love you to share!

Kath xxx


5 thoughts on “Planning life

  1. I’m actually off to university in sixteen days! I found that choosing my university was really hard, but I went to open days to see them and talk to the lecturers and that instantly made up my mind 🙂 x

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