Notebook mad!

Can I confess something? I’m obsessed. It’s not new, but it is growing, and I just cannot help myself. What am I obsessed with, you ask? Notebooks. All sorts of them. Diaries, journals, scrapbooks, notepads, flip pads. All of them.

Now, it may be down to the fact that I’m extremely over organised or maybe because they just look pretty all neat and new, but either way, I can’t stop buying new ones. I found myself casually wandering around a local gift store on my wander home from school today just swooning at all the very pretty, but very overpriced diaries. It was so hard to walk away. I feel I can justify why I need quite so many though. At least, I think I can…

First things first, this one is the most important. I NEED this diary! I use it for personal plans, school work and so on, and it’s just a basic necessity! However, I feel I have just ‘made do’ with this one, as its cover is just not my style. Maybe I should replace it… (*searches day-to-page diaries on line* ;))

I use this for all my blog planning and ideas! I even planned this blog posts about notebooks in this notebook, impressive, huh? This diary was originally bought to be a journal for my trip to NYC and Washington DC last year, but as it was only used a little, I recycled it to be my pad for brainstorming and detailing anything I need to!

These are clearly my academic notebooks. School work, information, essay outlines and so on. With super high quality paper, there’s no ink show-through… oh, I know!!! The big one even has a timetable!

This dream book I initially bought to be a hub for all my futures hopes and plans, however, I never really took off with that idea, sadly. Earlier this year, I recovered it and when I get fabric paint to complete the cover, hopefully I will go through with my original plan.

This beautiful notepad my Mum got me from Sri Lanka has pages made of elephant dung! As the sheets look so… natural!… it makes for great letter or note paper and looks very sweet. I just love that wooden elephant on the cover too!

My latest notebook purchase, these cute robot pads were a gift to my brother on his first day of high school! I managed to stop myself buying some for myself, and just got him a little treat instead!


I find notebooks make everything so much simpler. One on my desk, one by my bed, one in my school bag, one in my handbag. And then a few extra… just in case 😉

Kath xxx



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