Why I love Sunday

Because it’s the one day of the week you can lay in bed all morning, and not feel bad about it in the slightest. You can dance around to Radio 2 playing all the classics with noone but yourself. Look back of your week and feel good about what you’ve accomplished and feel happy with what you’ve done. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast while you kick back and read the paper then spend the afternoon doing Sudoku and crosswords.  Go for a stroll around the river in the early evening sun then come home to a huge roast dinner in winter or a delicious summer barbecue. Then cuddle up with a feel good film of an evening, because they are the best kinds of films. You can go to bed happy from good food, good company and a week of success.

What reason do I have not to love Sunday?

Oh, and also, you can get super excited because your lovely boyfriend arrives home from him holiday and you’re seeing him tomorrow. But that bit maybe only applies to me 😉

Happy Sunday, everyone. Make the most of it.

Kath xxx

2 thoughts on “Why I love Sunday

  1. Quite lovely. This Sunday I am nursing myself through pneumonia yet again. Not the preferred way to spend a Sunday, but at least I have great movies to watch and the blogosphere to turn to.

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