Summer plans and projects

I’m grasping all these free summer days to find and release my inner creativity! I’ve made a list of my intended plans and projects… here’s a bit more about each of them!


  • My big sis asked me to make her cushions for her sofa in her flat. She’s gathered up some ideas and bought some material scraps off eBay, so when she comes up to stay in August, it is our project to decorate them together!


  • I’ve wanted somewhere new to display things in my room for a little while now, but haven’t managed to find the right thing! As my mum’s partner has moved in, there’s lots of spare furniture and so on, and I’ve managed to pinch a little collapsible table. It’s not ideal as it’s just the one layer, but I think it’ll be a fun starter project for a bit of DIY!


  • Do I have to talk about this one?! YES, I’M SCARED! I’ve been postponing it for so long but I do really need to learn to drive now I’m 17. Beware.


  • As I wrote about yesterday, I’m really enjoying getting pack in to reading, so I’ve set myself a little task to read at least 3 more books by the start of term!


  • I saw a really sweet tutorial for growing succulents on A Beautiful Mess and little while ago, and like the idea of having a little something I can look after!


  • Since I’m inheriting some material from my sister after our cushion project, I really want to make something for myself. I’m not the best sewer, so I’ll start simple and hopefully improve my skills a little… hopefully 😉


  • I’m going to feature a more detailed post about this soon, but I had a wardrobe clear out and realised a good way to get rid of this stuff- a lot of  it in near perfect condition- is to sell on eBay and make some money for it!

Blog resign

  • On browsing other WordPress blogs, I’ve realised so many people use the same theme as I do, and I want something far more personal and unique to TVT. I really have no idea quite where to start, but I’m going to look into it and hopefully come up with something more individual!


  • I haven’t hosted a party in so long, and I thought gathering a group of friends in the garden for some good food and music would be a nice way to embrace our summer holidays. Fingers crossed Scotland get some good weather for it though… 😉

Do you have any plans you’re hoping to carry through this summer??

Kath xxx

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