Long lost love

I’ve always enjoyed reading. I’d get so excited picking out which books I was going to take on my summer holiday to work through and loved searching through websites for ideas to go on Christmas or birthday lists! When my Standard Grade revision really started kicking in, I just stopped reading because of the work load. I didn’t want to study and look at textbooks all day then go read some more, even if it was willingly! I didn’t go abroad last summer so didn’t have that by-the-pool reading time which I so love. Then, fifth year Highers began and once more I had loads of work and revision! I read George Orwell’s 1984 for English, but again, it was to study.

Going to Italy this year gave me a chance to get back into that reading groove! I worked my way through two of the three novels I spoke about here and adored it! I told myself I’d get back into reading for pleasure again- and I am! For Advanced Higher English, we’ve selected Pride and Prejudice as a class read, and for my dissertation, I’m comparing Atonement (which I’ve now read) to other Ian McEwan novels. I’m currently on Jane Austen’s novel and I am falling in love with it! I know the story roughly from the films but it’s a million times better to read the original! There seems to be something warm about a classic novel that makes me all excitable and enthusiastic!

I got so extremely excited when I went into the local book shop the other day! All the rows of pretty, clean, neat books looked so amazing! I kept seeing ones and thinking ‘ooh, that looks good!” and ‘hmm, interesting.’

It feels great to be back in the reading habit, and when I feel I’m getting too much technology, I no longer just move on to the TV, (’cause that doesn’t count as technology- right?! ;)) I tune in to a good book instead! I’ve a pile of suggested books I’ve collected over the past two years or so, and I’m excited to make a big dent in them!

Do you love reading? What are your all time favourites? Let me know!

Kath xxx

4 thoughts on “Long lost love

  1. Books have always been a big part of my life and the sheer thrill of a new book still gets to me. Really enjoyed your post. My favourite book is “Fluke” by James Herbert. If you haven’t read it – then do.. Good luck on your journey!

  2. Love reading, some favorites are The Harry Potter series, Hourglass and Timepiece by Myra McEntire, The Iron Knight series, Finnikin of the Rock and just finished today, Discovery of Witches! Love your blog!

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