On our holiday, we were lucky enough to have a afternoon and night to explore Venice where we landed, before heading down to Tuscany. All the canals were so beautiful, and getting that tourist-vibe was very exciting. It was great to aimlessly wander and then end up back where you needed to be unintentionally! All the side alleys were amazing, and the endless bridges too. Here’s a few snaps.

Admittedly, the first visit to Venice, I wasn’t particularly taken with it. Yes, it was pretty, but I just didn’t fall in love with it. However, on going back at the end of our holiday, we walked around and soaked in the vibe a lot more, and sitting outside a bar in a little Piazza really made me realise what a great place it is!

We visited all the typically tourist locations-  Piazza San Marco and its cathedral, the grand canal area, the Rialto bridge- but it was the little unknown streets with random selections of shops and markets on that were really lovely and that I really took to.

My main bit of advice for visitors would be to make sure you take a break from where the tourist guides tell you to go and just amble around. Take random streets and avenues. If you a have a street map, you can eventually pick up when you are in terms to the waterfront and head back that direction to the busier areas.

Have you ever been to Venice? Where and what did you like/dislike?

Kath xxx

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