My perfume collection

I’m not a person that has ever been a massive user of perfume, usually because I tend to forget to even put it on! However, I have gathered up a little collection from gifts and I thought I’d share with you my three favourites!

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

Scott bought me this perfume for Valentines Day 2011 and I’d never actually seen it before. It’s a really amazing scent which is a little ‘sexy’- if  a perfume can be that exactly 😉 I tend to use this for evenings out if I’m a bit dressed up. The bottle is nice, but as I’ve got the big bottle, I do find it a bit clunky!

Flora by Gucci

This one was also a gift from Scott (aren’t I lucky?!) but for Christmas 2011. He surprised me with this one too but this is by far my favourite perfume even and is one of those ones I’d buy again when I run out. It’s really pretty and floral scent is really fresh, but as it’s a small bottle and was quite an expensive one, I only tend to use it on those days I fancy something a little nicer than the rest! The bottle is so classic and looks lovely on my cake stand I have on my dressing table, alongside my glass bowl of rings and pretty lipsticks!

LOUD by Tommy Hilfiger

I asked for this poem on my Christmas list in 2010 and my Dad bought it for me. I’d see it advertised and tried one of those mini scent samples in magazines I think, and really liked it. For Christmas 2011, my dad bought me it again in the biggest size as my other had run out! It’s perfect for causal day to day wear as it’s not a full on scent but still smells really lovely!

What perfumes do you use? Have a favourite? Tried any of these? Let me know!

Kath xxx

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