What’s in my bag… this summer!

This is a vintage bag I got from Scott for my birthday 2011. It’s the perfect size  for day to day and it’s definitely going to be used a lot for walking around those little Italian towns. This is what I’ll be carrying day-to-day!

1. I got this cute little travel book for my birthday! The design is great, and the inside has all the sections I need. There’s also a little pocket in the front, so I’m storing my letters from Scott in there so they’re always with me! It’s good for plans, addresses for spontaneous postcards and of course writing names on things or places I’ve loved!

2. Since I’m going on the type of holiday where we’ll be stopping at restaurants and cafe’s quite regularly, I’ll regularly have my book on hand for some nice reading in between people watching!

3. These handy handbag size sun creams are going to be great to keep me topped up!

4. Always with the trusty Vaseline! 😉

5. Purse! I’m not planning to spend an awful lot of money. I don’t really need any clothes (…well, that’s questionable ;)) I have some euro’s which I’ll use to by gifts and postcards and maybe some extra gelato at the end of the day!

6. My camera is of course going to be with me at all times. As well as the classic holiday snaps, I’m going to be doing food inspiration and outfit photos for future posts so my camera is going to be well and truly exhausted in two weeks time!

7. I like to carry around a head scarf for whenever I may need it. This is my favourite, from Armstrongs Vintage Emporium in Edinburgh!

8. Although the weather is going to be more than hot enough to leave the cardigan well at home, rules of the churches obviously require that you’re covered up. I bought this cream cardigan on Mango and it’s really perfect.

9. Sunglasses- need I explain?! 😉

Kath xxx

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