My desk area

This is the space that I spend most of  my time. Now exams are over for the year, I’ve totally cleared this space and it’s ready for crafts over the summer period. Here’s how I like to have my desk.

I like to use these shelves for a few ornaments and pretty things as well as my stationary basics. The painting on the top shelf was done for me by my Uncle. He’s a brilliant painter and I love the style he uses! The ‘soul snail’ is something my Mum bought me, and she has one in her favourite colours also. They’re from Ortak. The books are various travel books and journals that I love collecting. The bottle was one I got in a cafe in town and I adore the Union Jack design so cleaned it and keep it there. The popping candy? Well, that just kept me amused during revision!!

The bottom shelf I use mainly for stationary. The picture I made myself a while ago and I was really happy with how it turned out so like to keep it there.

The main chunk of my desk I just keep my sewing book and scrapbook, alongside my jar of pencils and pens and lamp. I like it to be clear so I don’t have to worry about knocking anything when I’m using my desk.

I use  my little shelves for my favourite CDs and a few little trinkets.

The penny jar on the middle shelf reads ‘Sweet Wedding Memories’ and contained jam or marmalade (actually.. Percy Pigs  for me and my sister) at my Dad’s wedding! His wife, Denise, and him made the jams! Such cute little gift ideas. The stone was brought back from Scott’s holiday to West Scotland last year and is so pretty 🙂 The plectrum was thrown my way at a Carolina Liar concert with a friend! Lucky me!

The brown box on the bottom shelf just contains envelopes and a few other bit, and all my vintage postcards are stored beside it.

I love having my fairy box that Scott’s mum painted for me on the top shelf, alongside a picture of me and Scott because they’re so visible from the whole room and are those little bits that make me smile!

What’s your favourite space like? Any organisation tips you want to share?

Kath xxx

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