Missing and loving

I miss my boy. I really do. With my whole heart. I always do really…

We spent two weeks apart last summer also, and in a way that was easier. There were still many tears on my part, but we weren’t as far in to our relationship and we were both in the UK, so could talk whenever we liked with no worries. Having this time away from him this time is worse, because I have no free calls to him whenever I need to hear his voice and he’s further and further away.

I miss a lot about him, about his personality…

Our silliness

This photo says it all really! I truthfully cannot imagine a relationship without silly, happy, funny moments that happened so spontaneously, so regularly. Whatever we’re doing, we manage to end up being crazy silly and laughing about it. We share this carefree mentality. Neither of us mind what others around might say, so we’re happy to be ourselves, and we do exactly that. We enjoy each other for every bit of what we are, even if that involves silly, crazy nonsense.

Our laughs

I love those times when you end up in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Scott leaves me like that a lot. We manage to bounce of each others humour and so those totally normal, un-funny situations so easily spiral into happy, loving laughter that we can share together.

Our cuddles

I feel so safe and happy the second I snuggle up with Scott. So cosy and warm! There isn’t a lot that’s nicer than that feeling you get when your in the arms of the person you love, I don’t think.

That cheeky grin

It gets me every time.

He is truly the most positive, upbeat, cheerful person I have ever known and I love that about him. He knows what to say and when to say it, and never fails to make me the happiest girl a live. So, it is difficult, but as the days draw closer to when I’ll see him again, and the time away gets longer, I think positively about what’s to come and what’s gone by. I know he’d want me to keep smiling and be happy.

I know he’s reading this now, so Scott- I love you. I miss you. I can’t wait to be back with you.

I understand that I’m not in the worst possible situation, and that so many people spend far longer time apart from their loved ones and go through harder situations. I can’t imagine that helpless feeling of being without that one person you truly need, and my thoughts truly go out to any one who is in that scary situation.

Kath xxx

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